Lobbyist Sex Scandal?

Well, we know the lobbyists in this town are a bit dodgy. Some of them like Abramoff et alia seem to be trading favors for favors, as it were, and lawsuits around that are no small amount of news. However, The Hotline at National Journal seems to think we’re about to see a different sort of scandal emerge:

According to the U-T, Wilkes also “ran a hospitality suite, with several bedrooms, in” DC — “first in the Watergate Hotel and then” in a Capitol Hill hotel.

Come again? A “hospitality suite with several bedrooms”?

Talk about raising more questions, including:

— Why does a lobbyist need a “hospitality suite with several bedrooms”?

— Who uses those bedrooms and for what?

These lobbying scandals involving Cunningham and Wilkes and Abramoff are looking more and more like a bad movie script every day. Except with one difference from the movies: this stuff actually happened.

Yeeshies. But, of course, this is all conjecture…but knowing this town, the weirder, the more likely.

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