The Orioles: Trading One Crazy For Another

I was sitting in my hotel room last night, wondering why I was seeing a flurry of activity in my Gmail box, was it catastrophe in DC? Was it mayhem and disaster?

Well, only if you’re an Orioles fan….

The O’s traded crazy closer Jorge Julio for crazy Kris Benson and his even craaaazier wife Anna. Anna, who promised she would engage in a clubhouse gangbang if Kris ever cheated on her. Anna, who refers to her breasts as “funbags”. Anna, whose decision to pose for Playboy essentially got Kris traded from the Mets. Anna, whom I bet would stand on the mound in fishnets and 4″ heels if the rules allowed. Anna, who was interviewed along side Kris on ESPN Radio, because she’s a bigger story than he is…

Hoo boy, what a season this’ll be.

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