Has the Mayor been Cheating?

Many Thanks to DCist for pointing out that the Mayor’s got his blog on again, and that he’s desperate for comments. I’ve read some of the Mayor’s entries, and I came to one that has me awfully befuddled:

I’ve never made New Year’s resolutions before but here goes. Two thousand six will see me: recognize that I’m married and have a beautiful wife; two, stay healthy — mentally and physically — by good eating and exercise; three, maintain this blog on a regular basis; and four, put accountability and children first on the city’s agenda.

Sadly, the Mayor’s blog lacks permalinks, but doesn’t that excerpt from his 24 January entry read like Mayor Williams is having to make some major concessions here? Did he NOT recognize that he was married before? Did he in fact recognize that he was married, but not to a beautiful woman? Either of those may get you some time sleeping on the Couch, Mr. Mayor…

But if you really want comments on your blog, I recommend the following:

1. Get Permanent Links to each entry.
2. Get an RSS feed
3. Post unmoderated comments, then police for spam, etc.

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