George Will on Maryland Walmarts: Free Walmart!

Weinergirl Washington Post columnist George Will is speaking here at CPAC this morning, and has taken a moment out of his speech to single out the law recently passed in Maryland requiring Walmart to fork over some more money for health insurance for their employees, or start to pay money to the state. While lawsuits are embroiling the state’s new law under the equal protection clause, Will contends that the law is a more serious attack on a business’s individual liberties, especially when the law singles out a single business.

Will’s contention is that…

Wait. Sorry, a girl in a Weiners for Choice just walked by. You read that correct. Weiners. For. Choice. I have no idea what the politics are of this particular organization, but her outfit, a hotdog in a bun, suggests that it might be a pork lobby.

I totally lost Will’s point. Crap.

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