Wake up with Freedom Fighters!

This morning the hangover is apparent here at CPAC. The floor is sparsely populated, the line for coffee is long, and Coach bags until the interns’ eyes are darker than I’ve ever seen. Fortunately for me, though, I ran into the guys from Contra Cafe who sell coffee made by farmers in Nicaragua who used to be the rebels paid by Ollie North. That’s right, they’re terrorists when they attack us, but they’re freedom fighters when they’re on our payroll, and now you can buy their coffee.

The cognitive dissonance of supporting retired terrorists by buying the coffee on the free market is so great that I had to take a sticker. I won’t drink their coffee, though, because there’s free coffee in the media room.

But, the best sight of the day are the Republican boys running around in pink Size Matters t-shirts, including Aaron Jones pictured below.

Size Matters

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