Ah, Pub Quiz, Great Equalizer

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Tonight, Tiffany and I, and our friends Lisa and Ian, headed for the Four Courts to have a little Pub Quiz action. Usually, we finished in the top ten, so it’s a good time, and who can beat a half price burger before 7pm? No one. That’s who.

So, we thought there were going to be seven of us tonight, we grabbed two of the smaller tables and held down the fort. Jackie and her friend bailed, Ori and Dan never showed, just leaving four of us, and two pads of pub quiz. Right then. Two teams it was.

The guy next to us, though, took the cake as he whined about movies shot well before his birth (and, admittedly, my own birth), in his fancy Busted Tee and hipster self-loathing. Of course, he was no match for the power of Dewey Cheatham & Howe (third place tonight) or Chronic (What?!) cles of Narnia (first place).

Tonight, I salute you, Mr. wearer of the terribly ironic t-shirt given your pub quiz score. Your worthy.

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