Ah, the moments of Zen

Sometimes, just sometimes, moments in national politics are too good to ignore. Scott McClellan and David Gregory have had a spat this week, and of course, it’s definitely someone’s job to spoof it all in a way that only popular culture would do: turn it into an Oscar contending movie about gay cowboys in Wyoming.

SCOTT: Calm down, Dave, calm down!


(DAVID swipes at the air with the bottle, clumsily. Alcohol sloshes over into the air, onto his hand. It shocks him from the moment. They stare at each other.

SCOTT crosses to him slowly, gently takes his hand. Tenderly, he dries it with his sleeve, holding DAVID’s eyes. DAVID is still, holding his breath. SCOTT takes the bottle, gently. DAVID’s hand drops. Their eyes remain held.)

Read the Rest. Rumor has it Rachel S., formerly of mediabistro is the auteur. If so, I owe her a drink, and she owes me the coffee I just sprayed across my monitor.

[Update] Thanks much to DCeiver who pointed out that Rachel has a blog. Read. Subscribe.

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