New Ownership Soon?

Despite the lackluster opening day, something interesting did come out of the afternoon spent at RFK yesterday. In talking with one of the ushers, it was revealed that last week, all the ushers for RFK (green polo shirts) were called in to a special meeting where they were instructed to fill out brand new applications. They’d been fired from the DC Sports & Entertainment Commission and rehired by the Nationals themselves. The new owner, whomever that may be (and apparently it’s set already) wanted to have full control of the usher staff for RFK.

This says a few things to me. It says that Selig and his cabal have settled on an owner, first of all. Secondly, that they’re down to the brass tacks in terms of negotiations if they’re talking about stadium personnel and not payroll, prices, and other large ticket items. Lastly, it means they’re getting to the stage where they’re involving people not typically into honoring non disclosure agreements. We’re close to a deal here, folks, and we could see one possibly before the homestand is over, but I’m betting it will be closer to the All-Star Break before anyone in Major League Baseball shows DC any love.

But, rejoice my friends, for the end of the reign of terror over the Nationals is nearly complete. Soon, we will only have our new owners to blame instead of a massive conspiracy by The Man to hold us down.

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