It’s not just coffee

He pours the steamed milk into the spartan white cup, swirling the stream just a bit with fine motor control to make an artful pour and a heart shaped design in the surface of the mocha. She stands at his elbow, tamping down yet another pod for the pour. The clack of the grinder, the thud of the receptacle on the counter, this is the discussion between them. Yet, they move in perfect harmony. She scribbles on a cup. thwackthwackthwack goes the grinder, tamp with a twist, pour. The steamer hisses loudly in his hands, the pitcher moving gently. Then a perfect pour, all the while their heads nodding in time to the beat of the music.

To them, it’s not coffee, but craft. Intricate dance and artform, all in one. The ephemeral nature of the result is not lost on them as they smile and craft yet another one.

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