Mr. Clooney Comes To Washington

George Clooney is here in DC today, exercising his right as a citizen to petition his government for redress. Of course, it’s a bit different when you’re a movie star today, and Clooney’s goal today was to convert his star power into, well, actual power. He joined Senators Brownback and Obama to talk about the Darfur region of the Sudan where not only is there actual genocide happening right now, The United Nations isn’t doing a damn thing, nor are any of the other large militarized nations of the world. The last resort, of course, is to get interloping celebrities involved.

Welcome to Washington, George. Perhaps you should give up on the acting and go straight to work on the humanitarian causes, instead of, say, going to bed each night on top of a giant pile of money with dozens of beautiful women.

It’s not that I find your celebrity daunting, or that I’m jealous of your good looks, I just still remember you from Return of the Killer Tomatoes, and I can’t take you seriously any longer than that.

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