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It’s Neighborhood Day in Arlington, today, featuring a parade through Clarendon and Courthouse and showing off all manner of community achievements. The theme for this year’s event was “Many Neighbors, One Community,” and the parade featured all the diversity of the DC area, from Drum and Fife Corps, to political candidates for local office, to Caporales Groups, to the Fire Department, to a Jug Band, and even some neighbors dressed as giant pandas.

Despite some rain, the crowd was happy to see pretty much everyone, applauding the various groups as they walked down Wilson Boulevard toward Courthouse.

All five Arlington Republicans walked the parade route, and so did a teeming mass of Arlington Democrats, it was a bi-partisan affair. Various groups advocating defeat of the Virginia Constitutional Amendment barring gay marriage marched. It’s amazing how local affirmation often turns into a chance for politicians to run around gladhanding each other, and secretly knifing their opponents in the back.

The highlight of the parade were the various Caporales groups that marched in the parade, dancing, despite the rain, with a fervor that was contageous. Many of the audience clapped along in rhythm with the music, and the dancing.

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