Corruption and Graft, in DC? Really?

As the world watches Rep. Jefferson try to justify the $90,000 in his freezer, I have to stop and laugh. First, at Rep. Jefferson for trying to deny the story in public, despite FBI video, wiretap results, and all manner of other evidence. Second, at Congress for keeping people like Jefferson, Ney, and Duke Cunnigham amongst their membership without firmly kicking their sorry asses back to their home states in handcuffs. Third, at the American people and the voters who elected these sad-sacks to come to our town and commit their crimes here.

As it seems a good percentage of the House is on the take, and the Senate can’t get off their asses to do anything about the wiretapping scandals that are rocking this country, and while the House Communications Committee can’t seem to tell why Network Neutrality is a must for the internet, all I can do is laugh.

With Congressional Approval Ratings at 27%, once has to ask, are we going to get a whole new crop of grafters?

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