DC’s, um, Shortcomings?

Every once in a while, one of our readers will ask a question that’s worth its own posts, and one of you have done just that. Our reader writers:

While out at a bar Saturday night, my girlfriend commented that there are a lot of short men in DC. Are there a lot of short men in DC? I asked her what constituted “short”? Our consensus was that anyone under 5’10” was short. She preferred her men to be 6′ – 6’2″, though she did say that sometimes height did not factor into her decision on whether to go out with a height-challenged guy if he made her laugh and seemed smarter than the average doorknob. Are there any official stats on the average height in men who live in the DC metro area? Just today, out of 4 men in the elevator, 2 guys were definitely about my height (I’m 5’6″), one was 6’+ and the other was in between my height and the tallest guy. What do you guys think?

What is short, exactly, DC? Does DC have a preponderance of short guys? Better still, If so, do they flock to DC as part of some Napoleonic Complex to gather power to make up for their stature? Metblogs is a fairly tall crowd, with most of us coming in over the 5’10” line. Want to judge for yourself? We’ll be at Bar Pilar after work Friday, drinking mojitos, and mining for weekend blog product, and you’re welcome to scope us out for yourselves! Make sure to introduce yourself, I’ll be at the bar.

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