Escape From DC

That’s exactly what two inmates from the DC jail did yesterday, breaking a glass window in the warden’s office, sliding down a canopy and running off for the Stadium/Armory metro station. There, they boarded a free shuttle to Southeast DC which was running because of this weekend’s track maintenance at Stadium/Armory. Of course, they weren’t the only ones getting the heck out of DC, an arsonist in Church Hill, Maryland also flew the coop from his pre-release center.

DC Police are of course very upset about this, but I think the most telling quote comes from City Councilman Phil Mendelson in the Post today:

“This is very, very troubling,” said D.C. Council member Phil Mendelson (D-At Large), who chairs the Judiciary Committee, which oversees the D.C. police and jail. “Nobody should be able to get out of the jail. That’s the whole point. This sounds like it was too easy.”

Yes, Phil, the point of jail is to keep people locked up in side, but they had to get new prison jumpsuits, get out of their cells, assault the warden’s office, break his window, slide down a canopy and escape a pursuing guard patrol. If that sounds easy to you, I think I should buy you a beer to get you to fess up to your own Indiana Jones past.

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