Lightning and Thunder

DC Lightning

Originally uploaded by Grundlepuck.

The news was on when it started. It was one of those storms that you heard roll in, like something out of the Midwest, heard before seen, the rumbling sussurus permeating the heavy damp air. When the storm arrived, the drops were large and huddled together for comfort, falling out of the sky slowly at first, and then pounding the sidewalk and the trees. The rumbling grew louder and louder, shaking my windowpanes between the loud thwacks of the drops. The storm was truly upon us when the lightning started to interrupt the darkness.

The clouds would light up like a pinball machine on tilt, bolts heading everywhich way, cloud to cloud, intracloud, cloud to ground. I unplugged all the computers in the house. A storm like this I had not seen in DC before, it looked like something out of a Wyoming high plain, not this swampy coastal area. Capital Weather says we’re in for a long weekend of storms and rain. Of course, this does make the possibility of Dave Matthews getting struck by lightning during his weekend performance at Nissan all the more plausible…

Thanks much to flickr user Grundlepuck for this awesome photo.

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