Back to the long lines we go

For those of us who fly often, we love our frequent flyer programs and horde points till we reach the lofty “elite” levels of as many as possible.

There is even a whole subculture of mileage runs, flights taken just to garner more points. Don’t believe me? Check out, a website devoted to just that.

FlyerTalk also gives great feedback on new airline services and destinations, introducing me to my new favorite name for Dulles using its IAD airport code: International Airport of the Damned.

This week FlyerTalk broke the news that United would be offering their elite flyers their own security checkpoints. From the
“>FlyerTalk entry

Beginning July 11, 2006 Washington Dulles will introduce two new security checkpoints exclusively for first, business and elite travelers and their families or travel companions. With shorter lines and wait times, getting through security will be quicker and easier. For your convenience, one elite lane will be available on the east side of the terminal near the United ticket counter. A second elite lane will be located on the west side of the terminal.

As an elite flyer, I was ecstatic, now I could zip through the lines like I do at DCA, cutting my pre-flight work departure time by at least 30 minutes. But we’re talking the International Airport of the Damned here, and today FlyerTalk has an update:

The opening of the new elite security lanes at Washington Dulles has been temporarily delayed. We will bring you more information as it becomes available.

Ugh, back to the proletarian line we go.

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