Hi DC, It’s Me Again.

Hi DC. It’s Tom. Nice to see you again.

Sorry I had to call you in on such notice, but I think it’s time we had a talk. See, you seem to think that the stuff you get from Starbucks and Caribou is the best coffee in town. Starbucks isn’t a coffeshop. Coffeeshops have culture and community. When I go into a starbucks, it’s because I want one specific thing and then I want to get the fuck out of there before the nature of the place devours my soul.

When I want a real cup of coffee, made by artisan baristas, with real patrons that know each other and use the space as a space between home and office to get work done, then I’m not going to fucking Starbucks, mmkay? Alton Brown said it best when he talked about food recently: “Don’t trust food to people who don’t love you.”

Starbucks doesn’t love you. Murky loves you. Greenberry’s loves you. Misha’s loves you. Starbucks doesn’t.

Mmkay? Glad we had this little chat. Don’t fuck it up again.

By the way, you might want to take a peek at what Going Out Gurus chose. Sure, it’s not 100% what I’d have chosen, but it’s better than some of the crap you chose.


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