Howell to Kornheiser: Suck It Up.

You may have heard that Tony Kornheiser from the Post Sports section and from ESPN’s PTI has signed on to join Monday Night Football as one of the color commentators. You may even have seen his supposedly lackluster performance, or perhaps read Paul Farhi’s column describing said lackluster behavior. You perhaps heard Kornheiser strike back on Dan Patrick’s Radio Show, or read his attack column response on Wednesday.

Today, it’s Deborah Howell’s turn to get involved. She’s the Post’s ombudswoman, the mediator between the public and press and she got several letter about Kornheiser’s invective against Farhi. Her advice? Buck up and take it like a man.

Well said, Deborah. Kornheiser ought to have known he wouldn’t just be glad-handed by his own newspaper and be treated like any other commentator and should’ve expected some harsh words. Calling Farhi a putz seems to be a bit of a wankerish activity, but it certainly fits Kornheiser’s crotchety nature. Here’s hoping his next games are better and he doesn’t give the Post stuff to bitch about. C’mon, Tony, buck up.

Meanwhile? The Redskins are 0-2 in Pre-Season play and can’t seem to get their shit together. It could be a long season, Skins fans. See, everyone? His name is Joe Gibbs, not Jesus.

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