They asked what?!

Secret Service: Hey V-DOT, would you mind if we closed down the HOV lanes for six hours on Wednesday?

V-DOT: For What?

Secret Service: Well, *wink*, I understand that a certain world leader will be travelling that day and might like to make use of it.

V-DOT: The President wants to close 395 South’s HOV lanes during rush? Are you high? He may be the leader of the Free World, but this is Rush Hour, dammit.

Secret Service: But, but, but, he’s the President of the United States.

V-DOT: So? 8600 cars have to make their way home tonight. His poll numbers suck enough without 25,000 more people hating him, don’t you think?

Secret Service: Well, he’s the President and Senator Allen needs him at a fundraiser.

V-DOT: Did you even talk to the Allen campaign about this? I just talked to his campaign manager. He said: “We would not have supported such a proposal. Oh my Lord. Wow. No. Not aware of any such proposal. Certainly grateful it didn’t happen that way.” Don’t you guys have helicopters?

Secret Service: Okay, fine. Be that way.

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