Bite Me, Thomson Creek Windows

You may have heard their ads on the radio, or seen their ads on or, they have a big media buy in the DC area right now for the windows and shades. But here’s what happened when I tried to get some new windows for my condo.

After doing a bunch of looking around, and asking friends for recommendations, I’ve been calling places and getting appointments and quotes. Today, I called Thomson Creek. The woman who I spoke with asked for my information, which I gave out, but then started prying, “Is there a Mrs. Bridge?” Um. Yes. Her name is Tiffany. “And when will you both be available for a meeting?” Well, she works downtown, I work from home. I’m glad to meet with your salesperson whenever… and that’s when she cuts me off.

They don’t do meetings with just one person, if you’re married.

What the fuck is that? I just want the quote for the windows, I don’t need you to try to manipulate my spouse against me out of some stylistic choice. I just want to know what you’ll charge me for 9 windows! Now, I respect that it’s their legal right to run their business however they want, I just want to point out that when you have two people working in the same household, and on different schedules, you’re not going to get their business if you insist that you have the meetings on your terms instead of those of your clients.

Screw you, Thomson Creek, that’s a dumb and fucked up policy.

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