Fenty 420 Ad WTF?

I just had two three comments show up in my email, they’re from “Carmelita Lopez” whose address goes back to an ESPN.com address (first WTF?), and they’re posting a YouTube video in the comments:

It’s a re-dub of a 30-second spot that Fenty put up on his site, and offers, an, um, different view of Adrian Fenty. What’s up with the re-dub? Well, they’re saying that because the original ad on the fenty webpage is titled Fenty420.swf he must clearly be a pothead and down with drugs instead of beating a path to all the neighbors doors.

So. Is this:

1) Linda Cropp’s Revenge?

2) The work of some clever blogger?

3) The work of some person who really needs help?

4) An entertaining way to pass the time?

I dunno, you tell me.

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