Metro’s Loss Could Be DC’s Gain?

Given Metro’s intransigent desire to hire someone other than Dan Tangherlini to run the city’s rail system, it comes as no surprise that other civic organizations might want to snatch up the brilliant interim manager of the Metro. However, I was surprised to hear that he might be in contention for the soon-to-be vacant City Administrator job, says the Post:

Fenty has identified a potential candidate to replace Bobb: Dan Tangherlini, interim Metro chief and former head of the District’s Transportation Department.

Tangherlini is seeking appointment as the permanent Metro leader; a decision is planned in October. But if he does not win that job, Fenty said, “we would be very interested in him.”

This brings up an important question: Who needs an amazingly effective and clearly public-minded front-facing official more? Metro or the city itself? In my opinion, Metro may need a new strong head, and Tangherlini’s done an incredible and laudable job at the helm there, but I think the City could use a fresh face, too, and Tangherlini’s credentials here are impeccable. What say you?

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