Offense? Wait, We’re Supposed To Have An Offense?

Oh God, but the Skins do suck. Yesterday’s demoralizing loss at the hands of the Cowboys was absolutely telling. The O-Line couldn’t keep Brunell protected, and as a result, what could be a good offense was reduced to nothing but a boatload of sacks and losses. The Cowboys camp spent all of yesterday bitching and crying about penalties and injuries, making me wonder if they’d had a healthy, less felon-dominated roster, could it have been much worse? It’s entirely possible that it could have.

Joe Gibbs shouldn’t have slept last night. Or if he did, I’m sure his dreams were dominated by screaming Wilbons and Kornheisers demanding blood in exchange for his sins. So, what can the old man do to regain his stature? Here are my suggestions:

Fix the O-Line: 6 sacks of Brunell in a single week suggests that the average lineman for the Skins is actually a 12 year old girl. Seriously, no O-line, no running game, and you can kiss half your passing game goodbye too.

3rd Down Toughness: The Skins converted only 2 of their 14 3rd downs this week. Two. No third down success means no offense, which means we get pounded like a nerd in high school.

Running Game: It doesn’t seem to matter who we put next to Brunell out there, no one’s getting any yards. Santana Moss has more rushing yards than T.J. Duckett. Something ain’t right here.

What else is wrong? I know ya’ll have opinions on the matter, because quite frankly, these guys suck. Tell us why.

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