The Sky is the Limit

About a year ago, a photographer that I know came bursting out of his house with his camera equipment, as if he knew that Scarlett Johansson was going to be at the Hinckley Hilton and he was rushing to get some shots of her. I asked him what his hurry was and he said, “The sky! The sky! When the sky is this good I have to go out and shoot! It’s all about the sky!”

At the time I don’t think I had ever formulated that thought, but it was something I just knew in the back of my mind. When you have a killer sky, no matter what time of day, it can really add some depth and character to your photos and put the viewer in an entirely different mood. Whether it’s the early morning light, an amazing cloud formation during the middle of the day, or a killer sunset at night, they all make for a good background (or subject) for your photos.

Mr. Andertho has given us two great examples here. The photo above would be very average if it weren’t for the wispy clouds and subtle hues. The sky and morning light make this shot heavenly and give you a peaceful feeling. Conversely, the sinister clouds (not to mention the horse from hell) give the photo below a very dark and evil mood, making you feel that the end might be near.

So the next time you look out your window and see something other than a blue or gray sky, grab your camera and run! You may be surprised with your results.

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