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Five Dollar Hot Chocolate

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I was up at an hour too early to mention in print, on the road for a meeting in Ocean City. I was halfway there before the sun had even begun to make its presence known. On the way home from our OC, the rain began in earnest, soaking the road, slowing traffic and making life generally unpleasant. “It’s the sort of day that requires good cocoa,” I said aloud to no one in particular as I drove back to the District.

Good cocoa I found at my usual office haunt, Murky Coffee. Their new menu features two items that say “No Questions Asked,” their new Five Dollar Hot Chocolate and The Coffeemaker. Today being a hot cocoa sort of day, I plunked down my Abe and ordered one.

Folks, good hot chocolate is an artform. If it’s too thin, it’s not right. If it’s too milky, it’s not right. If it’s got wee little marshmallows, it’s not right (I believe in big marshmallows only, wee marshmallows may not apply.), or if there’s whipped cream. This cocoa, though, is a Manet or a Seurat, gentle with the palate, yet it crafts a full and rich image. The last time I had chocolate remotely this good was a midwinter’s dinner at Ray’s The Steaks when it came as a surprise with the check. I highly approve. Worth the $5 on a day when I’d rather be in bed, or cozy by a fire.

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