You Beat Me To It

No, I didn’t go to the Air Force Memorial dedication ceremony a couple of weeks ago. Are you kidding me? Fight with traffic, idiot cops, and crowds of people? No thanks. Not worth it. That being said, I’ve been dying to go over there (assuming I could figure out how to cross the Potomac) to take some shots of what I think is an amazing looking memorial. My degree is in structural engineering but it still amazes me that they can design and build something like this and have it actually stand up.

I have combed through Flickr and every shot I’ve seen of the memorial is pretty ho-hum. I kept thinking to myself, “There has got to be a shot that no one has taken yet. THE shot.” You know, kind of like photographing Iwo Jima with the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument in the background? That kind of shot. I knew there had to be one for the Air Force Memorial. Well suffice it to say, this is it. jtnhogs beat me to it. This shot shows the symmetry of the structure and the contrasting lighting that you see from below. Personally I would have taken some of the noise out of the sky and probably taken the shot in the morning or evening, or with some cool clouds in the background, but overall, well done Mr. Got To It First. Well done.

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