Soriano a Cub, Bowden a Moron

So, someone out there on the internet could do us all a great big favor and photoshop Jim Bowden’s head on to the body of a horse, or maybe in place of it’s rear end, just so we can post it with this story. Alfonso Soriano took the big bucks in Chicago, signing an eight year, $136M deal with the Cubbies, and bringing his chapter in Washington to a close.

Remember back in July, when the Nats refused to trade Soriano at the Deadline? And Bowden said they could sign him to play forever and a day in DC instead? Yeah. Bowden’s a moron. The Nats decided not to pay $17M per season for Soriano, and will instead fritter it away on some other likely shitty roster moves. So, with the free-agent market now beginning, and the first shot out of the cannon a big one, can the Nats afford anyone on the market? If Soriano’s getting 17M, it’s unlikely the Nats could make an offer to Barry Zito, or any of the other major free agents, leaving us with second tier pickings which will cause attendance to once again droop.

Good job, Jimmy Bo.

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