DC United to Host MLS Cup

As punishment for losing to the New England Revolution, the DC United, er, wait a second. Let’s stop and have a moment here. I’ve been castigated twice on other blogs this week for using a definite article to refer to the soccer-team-that-plays-at-RFK-and-whose-name-involves-the-concept-of-unification. Is it The DC United? Or just DC United? Does it really fucking matter? The lack of a definite article could mean that there are, in fact, other groups within the District of Columbia who could use the concept of Unification to define themselves without concern for being referred to one for the other?

When I was an MLS fan in 1998-2000 in Columbus, we always referred to DC’s club as “The United,” or, actually it usually involved something to do with them being the team that would paste us at the Crew’s stadium while we ogled the hot soccer chicks (hey, we were dumb college kids, what else could we do? It’s not like fake IDs were readily available…).

Regardless of whether or not our soccer team gets a definite article, they are going to be playing host to the 2007 MLS Cup at RFK Stadium on November 18th, 2007. Tickets will run between $30 and $100 per. No word if you’re allowed to refer to a collection of tickets to said event as “The Tickets.”

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