Playboy Honors Black Cat

Blackcat.pngCongratulations to the Black Cat, named as one of the 10 Best Rock Clubs in America (warning, link is to Playboy. Seriously, if you’re at work, and your IT department is cuckoo for cocoa puffs, you may want to wait til you’re at home, seriously. We won’t be held responsible if you get canned for looking at Playboy at work.) Listed as the home of Q and Not U, Dead Meadow and Ted Leo, Playboy says of the Black Cat:

Inside the sprawling complex, which also contains a checkered mainstage for established groups and a somber blue backstage for entry-level acts … If you’re still stir crazy, the adjoining and cover-free Red Room Bar serves up rich Belgian ales alongside pool tables and pinball machines. But this one-stop nightspot makes sure the bands are still the main draw. Local legends like Fugazi have played numerous sets, and the club’s all-ages policy and 7,000-square-foot mainstage have made it a key stop for national tours.

Not shabby, Black Cat. Well Done! I look forward to coming back now that we’re smoke free. Before the ban, the place was smoky to an obscene level. My throat would lock up as I walked into the Red Room. Now I suppose I’ll go back and see if it’s gotten better. Well, that and because I’ve got a fierce pinball jones.

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