Score One for WAMU

When WETA up and stabbed its listeners in the back, I was despondent. Where was I going to get my morning dose of Garrison Keillor? Where was I going to hear Car Talk on the weekend? It was looking pretty dire out there for NPR fans in DC. But then, usually hapless WAMU made the best decision of their entire 45-year history and decided to completely revamp their schedule in an effort to capture the now-disenfranchised WETA listener. Prairie Home Companion continued without interruption as that was the first show they picked up after WETA got done eviscerating their former listeners.

They’ve killed the reruns of Kojo and Diane, replacing them with On Point with Tom Ashbrook (who I dislike, but at least he has good guests!) and The World from PRI, which I enjoy a good deal. Now, I don’t really like Kojo or Diane, but as a friend explained at lunch on Friday, while pointing his fork at me in a threatening manner, no one fucks with those two. So, fair enough, well done WAMU, way to adapt to a changing marketplace to snare new listeners. Yeah, it’s pledge week, and they’re looking for some cash, but I’m happy to pledge them $50 in exchange for acting to capture the lost listener base from WETA.

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