One Step Closer to a Vote?

One of the things that DC loves to snark about is our lack of representation in the hallowed halls of Congress. While some sarcastically claim that every rep is their rep, that may be coming to an end. A Bill to give DC a voting seat in the House of Representatives (along with another seat for Utah) made it past the House Judiciary Committee this afternoon. Though, it still has a long way to go, including a vote of the whole House of Reps, the Senate, the likely veto by President Bush and the votes again to overturn the Veto, not to mention numerous legal challenges related to the Constitutionality of the Law, but it’s at least a small step to making Eleanor Holmes Norton into more than just a delegate. DCist’s Martin Austermuhle has been following the hearings and has a great summary of today’s action.

I think I’d like to see the District get a seat in the House, a full vote on matters legislatural, but the thought of “Senator Marion Barry” is enough to keep me from getting behind the effort full steam.

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