Ronnie Mervis hits the Blogosphere.

If you’ve ever spent any time listening to the radio in DC, you know of Ronnie Mervis, his brothers Zed and Kenny, and the diamond mines of South Africa. His commercials are hysterical and absolutely ubiquitous. And now, of course, he’s entered the blogosphere, featuring some incredible content on his blog about his time in the mines, as well as some commercials and remixes:

Maybe it’s just the little boy in me that likes putting on a hardhat and riding roughshod in the humongous earth-moving trucks with wheels bigger than a politician’s ego. The elevator that descends two miles below the surface, “the cage,” is big enough to accommodate one of these behemoths. That gives you an idea of the scale of our mining operations.

While I will call bullshit on the 2 miles below the earth’s crust, I do enjoy the cinematic tone of his writings, and of course, what else do your call your blog, if you’re a diamond merchant, other than “King of Bling”. Check out one of their featured videos.

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