Comcast = Pwned

When latency began to spike at Murky this afternoon, I chalked it up to someone bit torrenting the latest episode of Drive, or something along those lines. When DNS stopped working, I figured it was the modem in need of a restart and since it was just after 5, I packed up for home. Imagine my surprise when I came home to find those very same symptoms at my condo in Fairlington. And at my friend Lisa’s in Virginia Square. And at my friend Ben’s in Rockville. All over the DC area, there’s a good portion of the internet that’s inaccessible, if you’re a Comcast customer.

When I broke down and called support at 8:00pm, I spend a good half hour on hold, only to find out that since my cable modem and phone are on the same box, I had to be transferred again. After more time on hold, I got to talk to someone in their tech support group. Hooboy. That was an experience. Apparently, at 8:30 or so, they’re finally noticing that there’s been a networkwide issue for close to 4 hours. Glad to see pattern matching is alive and well at Comcast.

According to my friend in Rockville who’s got contacts in the business support area, it’s a major issue that’s affecting all of DC, they’ve known about it for a couple hours and have techs working on the issue. Here’s hoping you can go a whole night without half the internet. Go out. Have a good time.

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