Suspension of Disbelief

somestoner.jpgIt requires an incredible suspension of disbelief to work in Washington and read the papers on a daily basis. It’s not like living in California or Wyoming or Minnesota, where the politics that happens on the national scene is in a faraway place. Instead, it’s like watching a pack of poo-flinging monkeys take up residence in the abandoned shack in the corner of the big park downtown. It’s all here and God Help Us if we try to escape it.

When Hillary claims that her Southern Accent counts toward bilingualism, you can’t ignore that kind of stupid. It gets hashed and rehashed over beer, over food, over sex, over rock-n-roll, it’s the kind of thing that gets the political bloggers positively horny.

Better yet, when Mitt Romney decides to arbitrarily alter France’s marriage laws in the middle of a speech, it causes the other side to get positively loopy. They start to remind me of one of my college roommates, who’d get baked and start laughing like a hyena over and over and over again at the same reel of Sportscenter Bloopers he’d tivo’d. They just can’t help themselves.

So here we stand, in the Nation’s Capitol, a city occupied by a bunch of poo-flinging monkeys dead-set on making life for the other tribe as difficult as possible. Better yet, the candidates for head-monkey have a more warped worldview than your average high-school dropout who thinks that he can get rich quick if he just buys those tapes he heard about.

But I’m busy ignoring politics. Or trying to. As best you can in this town.

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