E Street Theater Brings You An Oscar Winner

La Vie En Rose

When I was a kid my dad would always whistle a tune that I’d never heard. I chalked it up to being “an old person thing” and never asked him what the song was called or why he liked it so much. But unlike most of my childhood memories which are forever gone, that one will stick with me to the grave. The name of that song, “La Vie En Rose”.

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I’m an avid moviegoer, seeing anything from “King Kong” to “Pan’s Labyrinth”, “Knocked Up” to “The Valet”. The only movies that I tend to avoid are those developed for kids (“Shrek”, “Harry Potter”, “Toy Story”, etc) or those developed for sappy women (“Must Love Dogs”, “Steel Magnolias”, “Beaches”, etc). I go to the movies to get away, to go on a journey perhaps, to laugh at dumb jokes, to become a spy or a super hero, to escape the outside world, and to escape this disgusting weather.

And escape I did yesterday when I decided to go down to the E Street Cinema to watch “La Vie En Rose”, which translates to “The Life in Pink”. The film tells the life story of Edith Piaf (Parisian for “sparrow”), who can arguably be called France’s most famous singer. While the storyline is a bit jumpy, I found it hard to notice due to Marion Cotillard’s unbelievable portrayal of Piaf. She lived life to the fullest because she knew no other way. From poverty to riches, heartbreak to love, Piaf used the only talent she had, her unbelievable voice, to express herself to the world. She only lived a short 47 years, but in the end had “no regrets”.

I’ll be extremely surprised if this movie doesn’t win an Oscar or two. Best Foreign Film? Even if you despise the French, I highly recommend this movie. If you’re the type that would rather see “Transformers” instead, it’s probably best that you skip this movie anyway.

This post appeared in its original form at DC Metblogs

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