This would be an unsurprising school shooting

All students who took Advanced Placement exams this year at Wicomico High School may have to retake them – the school accidentally recycled every single one.

School administrators told several families Friday that this spring’s AP exams had been inadvertently destroyed.

Families were told by phone and a letter Friday that the school has requested The College Board provide a retest opportunity. The College Board is considering that request, according to Faye Wilson, school district spokeswoman.

Allow me to say that it surprised me not at all that they elected to inform them families by phone and letter. I am somewhat shocked that they didn’t decide to do it from an undisclosed location. I think Cheney isn’t using his.

And hey, College Board? Don’t be a bunch of douchebags. It’s not the kids or their families’ fault that these tests went missing. Not only does a qualifying AP result help kids get through college faster but it can be a significant savings. If any of you wanted to contact them and express your opinion on the matter there’s a web contact form here or, better yet, write or call.

The College Board
45 Columbus Avenue
New York, NY 10023-6992
(212) 713-8000

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