iPhone Gets iHacked

The iDork

Everyone and their grandma is always giving Microsoft a hard time about their security (or lack thereof). Why? Because their software is used across the globe more than any other software, making it a prime target for hackers. I mean why would you try to hack Linux when only a handful of people are using it? Might as well get more bang for your buck by writing a virus that targets Windows users right?

Lookout Apple. Your success might just give you a taste of Microsoft’s medicine.

It was recently discovered that the beloved iPhone (the overpriced piece of plastic that makes you feel cool when others gawk at it) isn’t quite as secure as people thought. What? An Apple product isn’t secure? Nonsense! Steve Jobs would never allow that!

Believe it sister. It appears that someone can hack in via wi-fi, e-mail/text message, or malicious web pages allowing full access to your pretty little phone. Watch those nude photos of your girlfriend get swiped and uploaded to the web. Whoops! Sorry honey!

The way I see it, if you’re one of those in DC who owns an iPhone, you have three options:

1) Don’t keep any sensitive material on your iProduct.
2) Be careful of the websites you’re browsing as well as the wireless access points you’re connecting to. Use your best judgement on this one as to what “secure” and “safe” mean.
3) Do this.

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