If You Get This, Thank a Geek

Bumper rails

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DC’s probably one of the top three geekiest metros in the US (under SF Bay Area and Seattle), thanks to the large tech presence in the area. So, if you can get a laugh out of this bumper sticker, or understand the general premise why Rails might be a good platform for your next web 2.0 project, or know how to change the WPA key on your home wireless network, or have set up a blog, or manage to do geeky things, thank a geek.

Seriously, while the Post writes on the resurgence of geek culture as if it’s a quaint phenomenon (awwwwww, look at the geek fit in! So cuuute!) and not a revolution in social systems, geeks have become mainstream. Jokes about Rails, or YouTube (built by a geek, powered by geeks) or 37 Signals (the prototypical geek-run company), or even Google, the big pieces that run our digital economy are built on the backs of geeks all over DC. Thank them, they rock.

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