Football Night in Washington DC.

No, I’m not a Redskins Fan riding high on an overtime victory, I’m a 49ers fan trying to figure out if my boys have a shot at a return to former glory. Chances are, we’ll just go 8-8, and maybe make the playoffs, but my barber back home in California seems to think they may find themselves in the playoffs. Me, I just wonder where I can catch a game in a friendly environment. Seems to me that since I kicked DirecTV to the curb last year, I get my rare Monday night game and the occasional game out of market. So, where’s the 49ers bar in DC? I know Grevey’s in Falls Church is the Bills Bar for DC. The Pour House on Capitol Hill is the Steelers Nation home in DC. But where can my Red and Gold get their game face on?

In related news, it turns out, DC is low on the tailgating list, probably thanks to some asinine tailgating policies at FedEx field. We barely outranked Green Bay, WI, whose outside tailgating temperature is probably barely above 20°F most Sundays after the middle of October. Instead, we’re left in the shadow of Charm City to the north, laughing at DC’s paltry 12th rank, while they took home the number 1. What is it about the Baltimore Ravens that just makes them a Tailgating Wonder? Well, according to the study, it’s income spent on TV products, so maybe I’m okay with all of that…

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