Four Alarm Fire in Adams Morgan, Water Pressure an Issue

hosemap.pngWhile Connecticut Avenue NW is now open, it spent much of the morning blocked to all traffic, along with 18th Street, and Columbia Ave, as firefighters fought a four-alarm blaze in Adams Morgan. What made the situation much worse is that the water pressure in the hydrant at the 2600 block of Adams Mill Road was entirely unable to pump out the water necessary to fight the fire. Instead, hoses had to be run across the Duke Ellington Bridge to Connecticut Avenue, where a 20″ water main fed the hoses.

Check out the map here. That’s how far they had to run the hoses. That’s half a freaking mile to the nearest source with decent water pressure. According to the Post, the WASA rep involved said “That area is just an area that doesn’t have as high pressure as some of the surrounding areas, that’s just the way it is.”

A whole area of town that just gets to burn to the ground and that’s “just the way it is”?

Well, Good thing for Ward 1 that Jim Graham, scourge of the nightclub is around. Jim Graham prosecutes issues in his ward like freaking Sam Waterston on Law & Order. The guy is just plain fierce.

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