The Best Damn BLT Ever.

IMG_0029.JPG Hidden in an alley in Old Town is the entrance to Restaurant Eve, Cathal Armstrong’s canvas. His palette is food of many varieties and his brush is his incredible kitchen. One of my clients, on completion of a serious deadline, took me there today for a celebration. The appetizer today was a tomato soup which was thick and rich and the chives added such a gentle flavor to it that I was very glad that some thick and crusty bread was ready to make sure that not a drop was contained by the bowl when it was whisked away.

For my cohorts, it was the pulled pork sandwich, and the daily special of a ham and gruyere sandwich. For me, though, was the finest combination of tomatoes and pork and bread that I’ve ever experienced. The bacon was the hock-based or back-based bacon instead of the much more fatty American bacon, and the delicate flavor of the bacon combined with the fresh tomatoes and excellent sourdough.

A good lunch, though, ends with sweets. I had the butterscotch creme brulee, but what I should’ve had was the toffee sticky buns with vanilla ice cream. Boy did that look good. Next time. Next time.

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