What’s it Take to get Kicked Out of the White House?

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to get kicked out of the White House, look no further than local rabble-rouser Mark Plotkin. Many thanks to DC Shadow Representative Mike Panetta for sending along this gem:

In typical Plotkin style, he blurted out the following question:

“Mrs. Bush, do you agree with those who say and believe that members of the Ballou High School band should not grow up to become members of the House of Representatives?”

About half way through the question, Mrs. Bush realized this was not a friendly softball being lobbed from the peanut gallery, but a real question with an agenda from the press gallery.

Mrs. Bush looked down and walked to her seat without a word. The smile was gone.

So, that’s what it takes to get kicked out. A real question. Segraves’ commentary is excellent, and worth a read in its entirety, as I agree that the media has become too much an enabler and not nearly as critically questioning of the people involved. Was Plotkin’s question to the First Lady rude? Not nearly as rude as her ignoring it in its entirety.

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