Pantyhose. No Really. Pantyhose.

Today’s OMGWTFBBQ-it’s-the-Hill story comes to you via Jezebel:

Our Democrat friend wears Chuck Taylors and jeans to the Russell Building when Congress is in recess, no questions asked. But our Republican pal is not so lucky! Just last week, she was pulled aside by a supervisor and debriefed as to the ins-and-outs of Grand Old Party dressing. Open toe-shoes are a no-go, as are jeans. Heels are mandatory at all times. But most bizarre is the “pantyhose policy.”

Basically, pantyhose must be worn every day, she was told. Even in the summertime? Oh yes, and “no exceptions.” Well, what about pantsuits? “Well, I suppose you can wear them,” the supervisor sighed, “But you are going to need to check with the Senator herself whether or not you will need to wear hose under pants, as well. I’m not entirely sure of the Senator’s stance on pantsuits at this time.”

Yep, we still haven’t left the 50’s and 60’s in some offices at the Hill. Heaven forfend that people might work in some semblance of comfort. Wait, before you ask it, yeah, I know what it feels like to wear pantyhose, as any swimmer worth their salt will do post shave-and-taper to simulate extra drag. They’re kinda itchy.

I’ll let you wager your own guesses as to which of the Senators this was, I have no idea myself, but I have a few guesses. Every day I walk by tons of people in full “business” dress, and glad that I don’t have to abide by their rules anymore.

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