Dear Douchebags

World Bank IMF Protest

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It wasn’t enough that you hit a woman in the head over the weekend with a brick? You had to go ruin the commute of half the city today? Due to your general asshattery, I extend my middle finger in your general direction. I am, apparently, not alone in my hatred of both you and your antics, though, as my Twitter Friends List is full of vitriol and bile concerning your decisions to march on the World Bank and make this city difficult to live in.

We’re just trying to make our way through life, go to work, do our jobs and go home at the end of the day. Blocking our streets and hitting us in the head isn’t going to win you any converts. It’s much more likely for me to say, “Hit ’em harder, officer, they fucked up my commute!” and walk away while you’re getting the business from John Q. Law.

If that’s what you wanted, then you accomplished it. Enjoy your martyr complex, I’ll be toasting your beating at the bar.

Preferably in Georgetown, where I’ll go, despite my pathological dislike of the place, just to spite you.

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