Area Cinema Programmers: You Disappoint Me.

photo of AFI theatre by Flickr user Buschap

I have long accepted that films that I actually want to see will only appear at a couple of movie theatres in the area, appear later than in other cities, and play shorter runs.

That said, I am uncommonly disappointed as I plan a movie-going excursion to find out that the movie I have been eagerly awaiting the local debut of, Anton Corbijn’s Control, is only going to be on at E Street, and even there, only for one week.

(Well, technically there was also a screening at the AFI Silver Theatre. One. On Thursday night.)

This movie has been the talk of the internet! There is buzz! Oh, the buzz! Sigh.

Does anybody else feel this way? Are you schlepping out to Silver Spring or Shirlington every time you want to catch a movie? Still mourning the loss of Visions?

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