Hurry, Dammit!

As the wind whips my neighborhood’s remaining foliage into a gusty frenzy, sullying the just-cleaned grass, it seems that everything is rushing toward the holidays. My clients are calling with last-minute jobs that I enjoy, trying to sprint their way to week-long lull that exists between Christmas and New Year’s. Friday seems to be the day that has everyone full of dread before a four-day weekend of revelry, family, celebration, or relaxation, contemplation, and rest. What greeted my inbox this morning was this wonderful sight:


Yes, every online retailer I know begging me to please put my order in before tomorrow comes and the shipping windows for goods closes for the year. But, as Amazon and its friends are less able to help you, there are a slew of local businesses that will be more than glad to. Eschew the malls and their chains, find a neat place like Home Rule, and their awesome Christmas Window, or maybe hit the Downtown Holiday Market in Penn Quarter (thanks, Penn Quarter Living!) and find something beautifully crafted there. Tell Amazon to shove their hurry hurry hurry and go grab something that allows you a stroll and some leisure time.

Even if it’s windier than Chicago out there.

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