MBDC Grinch of 2007: Roy Pearson


He lost his pants, and then he lost his composure, but neither of those things got Roy Pearson $67 million. What it did get him was a sizable chunk legal fees, and, of course, the coveted spot as Metroblogging DC’s Grinch of the Year. Pearson, if you were living under a rock this summer, sued a local dry cleaners when they lost a pair of his pants. Normally, no giant thing. The problem here is that he sued for $67M. Yeah, with six zeroes. For a pair of his pants. Talk about your frivolous lawsuits…

Anyhow, Pantsgate turned into a national news story, and as the case went on, the more and more ridiculous things got, naturally. Pearson’s court case provided many moments of hilarity to the DC area, but the Dry Cleaners Shut Down this fall, as a result of all the legal travail. I can’t say I blame them, after that kind of harassment, I wouldn’t know what to do either, except close up shop and head home.

So, congratulations Roy Pearson for making a mockery of our courts, the entirety of the legal profession (which took some doing, I might add), and for reminding us that it doesn’t take much to become a giant flaming asshole. Congrats, you’re the Grinch of the Year. Vote totals are below the cut, for the curious.

This post appeared in its original form at DC Metblogs
Roy Pearson: 42 votes
Legislators against the DC Vote: 16 votes
DC Gov’t Embezzlers: 9 votes
Metrobus Driver Victor Kolako: 5 votes
Senator Coburn for blocking Metro funding: 5 votes
All others: 1 vote

This post appeared in its original form at DC Metblogs

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