News Roundup: A return to winter

Welcome back, everyone! We’re slowly returning to normal here (well, as close as we get to normal…) after the holidays. While we prime the pumps a bit, and get new and interesting stuff put together, here’s a few things going on in the area that might be of interest while we put our heads together a bit:

It’s Really Freaking Cold Out There

It was 27°F when I started the car this morning. Damn that’s cold. Well, it’s not getting any better out there, unfortunately. It’ll be cold and windy today, we’re doing our best Chicago impression. Tonight it’ll be worse, so grab your scarf and hat if you’re going anywhere.

Homicides Were Up in 2007

Despite the All Hands On Deck weekends, and the work of the MPD, homicides in DC were Up Seven Percent over 2006, with 181 fatalities classed as homicides in the District. While we’re under 200, and have been for four years running, this is one statistic I’d like to see take a dive in 2008.

Prisoner Escapes Laurel Hospital

This felt like Déjà Vu this morning, seeing a story about a prisoner escaping from his guard at the local hospital, but if you see a guy in an orange prison jumpsuit around town, the Prince Georges County Police would love to hear about it, I’m sure.

350 Fewer Firearms in DC

The MPD took 350 firearms off the DC streets this weekend as part of a buyback program, in which people are given between $10 and $100 for their firearms. It’s a good way to get rid of your guns, as they’ll be melted down by a local foundry, but since they’re test-fired by ballistics experts first, you might not want to turn in that murder weapon you’ve been keeping.

Airports Grab WiFi

I’ve complained in the past about Dulles and National not having decent wireless internet access, but my trips through Dulles this winter revealed both AT&T and T-Mobile networks in the D terminal, and it’s now airport-wide at both local airports, with access free for members of the coalition partners, and $9/day otherwise. Not too shabby, especially with the TSA doing long-ass screening and keeping as few lines open as their supervisors will allow them to.

That’s some of the news that’s fit to print. Our friends at Wonkette suggest there might be an election of some import tomorrow, but I figure if it’s Iowa, it’s really just a promise-them-corn-subsidies-and-move-on-with-life party.

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