Where the hell do I go for decent Sci-Fi?!

I was killing time this morning between appointments, and I ended up in the Barnes & Noble in Clarendon perusing for the miserable collection of “books” that passed for their Science Fiction section. Good God if it wasn’t full of just the pulpiest of pulp books. Not a decent piece of recent fiction, half of Charlie Stross’ novels weren’t on the shelves, and definitely not his newest. The section for a few of my other favorite authors was sorely lacking, and missing most of the newer hardbacks.

What’s a Space Opera fan to do? I got a really great Anthology this Christmas, and I’d like to branch out to a few of the authors from the book. But of course, the entire store was picked over and the shelves barely full.

And full of crap, mostly.

Where can I find a decent sci-fi section in this town!?

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