The Morning News: Identity Theft, Lawyers and Crime, Oh My!

Apparently, there was some sort of electoral activity yesterday, but since it was in Iowa, I’m sure no one noticed. Right? Oh. It’s on the Front Page of every newspaper in the country? Really? Iowa? Okay, fine.

Carjacking closes Indian Head Highway during Morning Rush

Police are on the scene of a carjacking on Hwy 210 in Maryland and have closed down Northbound traffic, meaning it’s not possible at this time to get on the Wilson Bridge heading to Virginia. This is going to screw up everyone’s morning, so forgive your late coworker today, it’s not their fault.

Walter Dellinger to Represent DC in Gun Ban Case

Don’t worry, I didn’t know who he was either. Dellinger will replace Morrison on the legal team and present the brief on behalf of the city to the Supreme Court. Filing will be today, it’s expected. Dellinger was an advisor to President Clinton on constitutional issues (no word on if this includes definition assistance, as with the word “is.”) and was the Assistant Attorney General of Washington DC

$48,500 for a Portrait? Really? I’m in the wrong line of work…

This wouldn’t be a big deal if it was just a private citizen. But, it’s the head of the Museum of the American Indian and he used company funds to have it done. And his $250,000 travel budget is being looked at. Sen. Grassley (R-Nosypants, I mean, Iowa) is pretty ticked off about all that travel and has started an investigation by Congress. Get redirected here to read this important article about laws.

Virginia Governor Kaine to Address Consumer Fraud/Identity Theft

Governor Kaine is hoping to pass a set of legislation that would force companies to notify people whose identifying information has been mishandled and/or maliciously taken. WAMU has a great collection of sound bites concerning the Governor’s plan.

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